Being Black & Sexy: Numa Perrier Words by: Emore Campbell


Boundary breaker, creator, and self motivator – Numa Perrier is offering Black with a side of sexy. If you haven’t yet tuned into Black & Sexy TV‘s original series – Chef Julian, Hello Cupid, RoomieLoverFriends, and hilarious others, I urge you to stop what you’re doing and upgrade your life.

As the co-creator of the quickly growing independent Black network, Numa spends most of her days on set, curating the funny, lustful, and hopeful things we see on screen. Her ultimate goal is to turn this platform into a household name, where people like us and all over the world can have somewhere to be entertained, understood, and loved. To do that, Numa lives by an amazing mantra, “Maintain the mentality of why you started and have the spirit to continue.”

Watch out world! Numa has arrived and she took a quick break to chat with us about #LifeGoals, Black lives, love, and some of her favorite things.

Numa Perrier

Image Courtesy of Numa Perrier

How do people react to finding out who you are?
If they know about Black & Sexy TV, they start by telling me their favorite shows, and then the conversation usually transpires into deeper discussion about the movement and what it means to them.

If they don’t know Black & Sexy TV, their eyes light up when they find out we are an independent network. They soon become interested in discussing dreams, accomplishments, and the conversation snowballs into how I balance business, life, and being a mom.

How do you de-stress after a long day?
After a long day on set I take a hot shower, plop on my bed, and binge watch shows like Orange is the New Black, Empire, Ballers, and House of Cards. To truly clear my head, I zone out and try to digest the things that I’m not currently creating.

How do you deal with the racial tensions of today?
It’s so easy to feel helpless when we’re battling this collective fear and collective anger. I want to block it all out, but that’s impossible since it’s everywhere we turn. Every time we think we’re going to get a reprieve, we are disappointed with the verdict.

As a company, we take a strong stance to show we are here for our people, our justice, and a bright future. As an individual, I struggle with deciphering what I’m going to dwell upon and what I’m going to release. I put my all into Black & Sexy TV – which is a movement in itself. It helps add reform and reshapes our imagery to the mainstream. We are showing that we do love,  feel, and make a difference. With Black & Sexy, for me at least, I don’t feel as helpless.

What sacrifices and struggles have you experienced running your own startup? 
It’s mostly relationships, friendships, and the time for drinks with friends or a party that had to be minimized. I put family first and spend time with my daughter. I strive to stay social as I host parties for season finales and anniversaries.

Beyond that, there will always be something – be it money, resources, time, or support, but I’m fortunate to prosper from my own creativity so it doesn’t really feel like sacrifices are being made.
What’s your next venture?

I plan on opening a boutique retreat for artists and creatives called “House of Numa”. It will be more like an experience – the perfect place to write, to research, and to relax. This space will be luxurious and penthouse- like throughout, regardless of which room you occupy.

Idris Elba or Boris Kodjoe?
Really? Is that even a question? Idris Elba and you know deep in your chocolate heart why.

Moscato or Margarita?
Strawberry margarita with fresh strawberries!

Favorite Black movies of all time?
Coming To America, Girl 6, and Baby Boy.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could choose your survival companion, who would you choose between a Black man, White man, Black woman, or White woman?
I’d choose a Black man. At some point there is a balance between what a man can do, and what a woman can. There is simply no match or trade off for my strong, intelligent, sexy kings of men.  I’m sure at some point we may even want to procreate or have fun trying [laughs]. You understand.

Emore Campbell
A writer and creator by dusk, and publicist by dawn, Emore Campbell is unforgettable. The Georgia peach turned New York Apple (for now) loves hot weather, cold cocktails and a well thought out strategy. When she’s not writing or working, she’s traveling, trying out new recipes or brainstorming business ideas. Follow her on Instagram at @emosheemo or on SnapChat at @emosheemo
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