Black Femme Takeover Words by: Destiny Thomas, Founder & Creative Director of The In My Skin Campaign


Is it too much to say that Black women are taking over the world? We are creating platforms for people of our own to thrive, grow, learn, and flourish as a community. We are continuing to walk boldly through a path that can sometimes cause controversy for those with melanin skin. We as Black women who are creators of such empowering movements sometimes seem to get the end of the stick, so to speak. One would think that things would be easier for us, but they have been sadly mistaken.

We are already a triple threat in today’s society. For we are women, who are unapologetically comfortable in our skin, building a brand and movement that embodies all things such as: strength, power, and beauty in hopes to inspire men and women of our own (which can come off as a bit of a challenge for those who aren’t expecting such an action). Quite frankly, it only seems as though people are intimidated by such a thing because they’re unsure of how to go about doing the same within their own community.

“We are making a difference despite the opinions of others.”

Black women, it is more than safe to say that we’re doing the damn thing! We are growing within the odds. We are making a difference despite the opinions of others. We are creating a journey of blessings and opportunities to help society see that NOT all Black women are the same. We are BLACK and PROUD. We are FEARLESS. We are one of resilience, courage, and dignity. We are all things that those of society say that we are not and then some.

Destiny Thomas
Destiny Thomas is the founder and creative director of the In My Skin Campaign.
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